Prithibi Bangla Band is a Bengali rock band formed in Kolkata, India in the year 2001. Presently the band consists of Kaushik (lead vocals, composer, lyricist), Bubun (Guitars), Prosanto (Bass, backing vocals) and Arnab (Drums, percussions). The band became more popular with audiences when they stood 1st runner up in a competition, Band-E-Mataram held in Kolkata by a music channel, Sangeet Bangla, record label Asha Audio and Sangbad Pratidin in the year 2005.Their first ‘self-titled’ album released under one of the major record labels, Asha Audio in the year 2007.Their music is a blend of various genres like classic rock, 80's glam rock, metal and bengali rock along with modern poetical lyrics written and composed by Kausiq.


Koushik : 23rd november(sagittarius)
The front man of the sixmen army - with killer vocals and unique style of composing & penning down emotions which once again proves that a pen is mightier than the sword..
Role: Lead vocals, backing vocals, acoutic guitars..
Gears: Shure SM58 microphone, Hobner acoutic guitar,Signature nylon string guitar, stranger NS100 amplifier..
Musical background: Started music at a very early age of 6, initially from father Kalidas Chakraborty, then learned folk music from Chandra Sekhar Roy, completed research work on bengali folk music,presently learning Indian classical from Suranjana Basu..
Influences: Heavily influenced by classic rock and a Jim Morrison freak..he is one of his biggest influences..
Strong point: Self belief..
Weak point: Short tempered..
Dislikes: Dishonesty..
About PRITHIBI: 1st luv..n my last luv..
Comment for the followers: Long live revolution..
Note of gratitude: I would like to thank almighty god, my parents, band mates and my friends and followers, whatever little things i have achieved is just because of them..


Bubun: 11th July (cancer)
The sensei of the frets who can fight the system by bending the strings instead of the hierchy -- a black knight who at par with ripping the axe can very well prove that there is love in space..
Role: Guitars..
Gears: Ibanez GIO,Larry n Carlton series electric guitar, Line6 POD XT Live effect processor, Stranger Cube80 amplifier, Ernie Ball 9s strings..
Musical background: Playing guitars for 15 long years, started music at the age of 14, gabluda..his first guitar teacher, then Neil Mukherjee(ex krosswindz)..and Neilda has got immense contribution in his career..
Influences: Heavily influenced by 80's glam era,bands like Winger, White Lion,Firehouse, Ugly Kid Joe and on the heavier side.. Megadeth, Metallica and above all, Iron Maiden..
Strong point: Hard working ability..
Weak point: Too sentimental..
Dislikes: Backstabbing people..
About PRITHIBI: It's a band of brothers and at the same time it's my dream band..
Comment for the followers: Whatever you are doing, work hard, one day you will definitely get success..
Note of gratitude: Don't want to say much..thanks to my parents, brother Pupai and Sister jhimli..without them I wouldn't have made it..

 Prosanto: 19th November (scorpio)
Prosanto -- Pro -- Panto -- Panther -- Pras what ever they may call him proves his worth through the different notes of his bass. A glow worm in the cloning grounds of the society evolving and adapting with every hit on the highs and lows of his weapon..
Role: Bass, backing vocals..
Gears: Yamaha RBX270 J series bass,Stranger 102 preamp, D'Addario XL strngs..
Musical background: Started playing hawaiian guitar at the age of 14, after an year started learning spanish from Sanjay bhattacharya (Cactus)..then finally shifted to bass in the year 2002 n started taking lessons from Sanket Bhattacharya(Lakkhichhara) and the process is still going on..
Influences: Basically open 2 all sort of music..but loves alternative, nu
age, grunge ,classic and 80s.. Beatles, Oasis, Hendrix, Radiohead. Collective Soul, Audioslave, RATM,Coldplay, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam,Pink Floyd and last but not the least,Jaco Pastorius the great..and yes of course his very own of his biggest influences..
Strong point: Perseverance and zeal to learn..
Weak point: Short tempered..
Dislikes: Liers..
About PRITHIBI: Well in this world I have everything in my
PRITHIBI..sorrows, happiness and five lives..a priceless gift from god to
me..that's it..
Comment for the followers: A strong positive attitude can create miracles than any other things,'coz life is 10% how you make it and 90% how you take it..
Note of gratitude: My mom n dad,elder brother,my sis sona.....without their support I wouldn't have made it..and a very special thanks to
Ani....Savvy....Kaushik, Crystal Grass and Insomnia and a special thanks to the letter D..

Arnab: 31st December (capricorn)
Arnab aka Tabs The back bone of the band works Just like Opium
who can enthrall masses in a hypnotic trance with his incredible capability to slam the skins and crash the party..
Role: Drums n percussions
Gears: Roland SPD11, customised drum kit n lots of percussion instruments..
Musical background: Started learning tabla at the age of 4 from Shailen
Ghosh, then started playing various percussion instruments and finally
drums..basically self taught..
iInfluences: Not influenced by any particular genre..two of his all time favourite bands are Phish and Scorpions, likes indian ocean a lot..
Strong point: Coolheaded..
Weak point: Sometimes indecisive..
About PRITHIBI: It's been a great experince being a part of PRITHIBI..loving every bit of it..
Comment for the followers: Rock rock till you drop..
Note of gratitude: My parents and my band mates..without them I am nowhere..